please note that a majority of these accounts are not very active. active accounts are highlighted in bold.

if there are any accounts not listed here i either want to keep them private or they're just so inactive that i forgot they exist



main tumblr - exodusenigma

age regression tumblr - puppy-bubbles

game related

animal jam tumblr - honeycat9999

lioden tumblr - squidslioden

wolvden tumblr - pepperswolvden

aesthetic related

scenecore tumblr - stickerstuff

lovecore tumblr - angellovesongs

cottagecore tumblr - cloverscottage

fandom related

sanrio tumblr - 1-800-cinnamoroll

ace attorney tumblr - mattnyangarde

other accounts:
these accounts will likely be a lot less active as im more focused on tumblr rn

shiny hunting instagram - shinyarcheops

adopts instagram - honey.squid.adopts

toyhouse - hatingsimulator

artfight - saturnzspiritz

youtube - nyangarde

furaffinity - HoneySquid

pinterest - shinyarcheops

twitter - lmaoooo can you imagine?? no i will never use twitter

deviantart - lol you thought, no im not using this shit site again

discord - ask
please note i will only give you my discord if i am ABSOLUTELY sure that i can trust you. please dont be offended if i say no!!